(more details + installation video to come)
An interactive light and sound art installation, responding to visitors’ direct presence whilst exploring the balance of our virtual and real lives.
Invited by HKWALLS for The NateKaren Chan and Frederic Bussiere collaborated on 活-umière (pronounce "Wood-umière"). It is composed of an assembly of breathing light tubes, trapped inside a devouring network of embroidery, reacting to the viewers’ presence.
The network of embroidery represents our virtual footprint that swamps up our real “breathe” in life, yet ironically supporting us at the same time when we rely on its feed constantly. More than a representation of the heart, the red LED neon lights represent “lifeness” – and breathe with our viewer. The breathing of the light is interrupted when the viewer explores around and shows hiccups with disrupted sound.
Behind the scene:
Running in real-time with Touchdesigner on LattePanda