Frederic Bussiere is a French-Portuguese new media artist and designer. His work ranges from digital forms like animated graphics, to large physical installations, encompassing various techniques such as interactive design, pre-rendered and real-time graphics, spatial design, kinetics and bamboo architecture.
His work alternates between two main focuses. On one hand, he adopts a purely aesthetic approach, frequently drawing inspiration from nature and plants. On the other hand, he tackles societal concerns, addressing issues like climate migration, air and ocean pollution, overpopulation, and the future of humanity.
His work has been displayed in Hong Kong, France, Thailand (Wonderfruit) and Mauritius. He’s also the co-founder of the metaverse platform Bublr.
Based on planet Earth and working internationally with clients in Europe and Asia.   /   +33 6 72329716   /   +852 63747636