Outlook Festival partnered with some of the most exciting promoters in soundsystem culture to bring Outlook Festival to the most vibrant music cities around the world! We are proud to present OUTLOOK FESTIVAL HONG KONG LAUNCH PARTY again since 2012 and bring Hong Kong the culture and best sounds in this industry.
Invading a 12 meters long container based on the site of festival and continuously surprising the guests with a hide an seek installation. Based on the additivity and subtractivity effects of the primary colors, the original print - a layered and surreal image - reveals its different layers and universes sequentially. The lightning actually gives the feeling that the image is changing by itself. A red light will reveal a cyan layer, a blue light a yellow layer and a green light a magenta layer.
//conception and setup
Graphic design by Philippines Vidart (www.finu.me)
Layers reveal with colored light: