I co-created the metaverse named bublr.co, initially as a virtual office solution, which became more event-oriented over the months, where individuals and companies could do their first step into the metaverse mania. It is accessible directly in the computer browser and uses the webcam to live feed the face of the user on his 3D avatar.
I was in charge of both the design and the technology, which together encompassed a huge amount of work, and problems to tackle. My partner, Nassim Hadjoudj, was the CEO.
Design: user experience, user interface, 3D environments design, 3D environments integration in the 3D web engine, 2D stills for marketing purpose .
Technology: prototyping, implementation of the communication audio-video webRTC, building the 3D web engine (running on Babylon.js), integration of VR functionalities, testing.
Environments preview:

Major events hosted on Bublr platform:

Christmas party:


UI designs for desktop app, desktop web, mobile web. Including layouts, buttons, popups...

Public spaces from the community: