Video mapping proposal for Lumieres Hong Kong light festival.
Creative studio: The Collective
Concept: Anita Lam
Design: Frédéric Bussière
Technical direction: Andy Stokes
The former French mission building locates on the slope, right in heart of Central. Seldom local people like ourselves, have noticed its name, no mention its long history. Despite its quiet existence, not only it served as the Court of Final Appeal until 2015, its unique pink captures most people’s
The story starts with this young man’s love letter. His love words turn into symphony; taking the audience into a dreamlike journey across Hong Kong. “The Journey” reveals some of our unique Hong Kong scenes and culture; they display beautifully and geometrically on this iconic building in
Central. “The Journey” is playful. It plays with scale and perceptions, intends to surprise our audiences with unexpected perspective. For our audience to feel the Hong Kong elements in a different way.