An AI-driven program questioned the visitors and recorded some of their old memories. We converted these audio recordings into AI-generated video snippets, that we projected at the end of the journey, as a large wall of common memories.
I joined Labyss project and did the art direction of the digital part closing the experience.
The challenging part of the project was to generate these video snippets in great quantity, with quality, and within a few minutes. (thank you #StreamDiffusion from @dotsimulate).
I also used the prompt traveling technique to AI-produce the large backgrounds made of clouds.
Yoki Yao from The Collective did a great job of creating a robust system to generate and display all the content on walls.
CREDITS (full credits at the bottom)
Art direction, AI-generated animation prototype, pre-rendered content animation:
Frédéric Bussière
Creative studio:
The Collective
Seated version of the experience:
Initial graphic concepts:
The Algorithmic Theatre
Text and Direction
Kristian Husted, Kristian Byskov
Kristian Husted
Pernille Kragh
Creative Partner
The Collective
Assistant Director and Adaptation:
Vida Wu
Vida Wu Caro Chan Priscilla Lai Charlie Tang Franchesca Wong Esther So
Set Designer
Ana Lumack
Composer and sound artist
Kristian Hverring
Émile Sadria
Siu Fung Production
Original software programming
Esbern Torgaard Kaspersen and Kaspar AI
Tai Kwun & Toaster