Interactive living art piece for HSBC's new Digital Centre. When the guests pass by, the art comes to life causing the flowers to bloom, then slowly drift away on the breeze in this always changing living installation.
Creative Studio: The Collective
Creative & art direction: Frederic Bussiere
Technical director: Andy Stokes
Project Director: Anita Lam
Programmed by Cityshake on Unity
This proposal explores the original essence of flora: giving birth to continue the lineage of the species and, if possible, to multiply and evolve. It also explores a specific aspect of flowers: the evanescent seduction. Being the prettiest, the most colorful and appealing one, but at the price of living only a certain period of time.
At their passive state, our Blooming Flowers rove and evolve slowly. Triggered by users’ presence, they will suddenly give their best to be the most seductive to the viewers: glittering, waving, getting closer, growing and of course blooming.
When the seduction reached its peak, flowers will release their pollen in the air. Similar as fairy lights, the pollen will be subject to the ambient winds, from the environment and also generated by the users. The pollen will live for a certain time, shine if triggered, float as little stars in new galaxy. The Flowers will wane slowly, resting, until regenerating again.
Concept designs: