Concept for HKSTP (Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation) in partnership with CeeKayeLlo and HaiiJaii Project.
"The Green Coin" explores the notion of carbon capture, linked to crypto mining.
With FinTech’s full reliance on electricity and energy through its computers and servers, The "Green Coin" hopes to provide a creative solution for the move towards circular energy consumption.
Working with a living algae installation, they will be the ecosystem of the electricity consumed and produced as triggered by trading markets.
The algae convert light from solar cells into electric current that can then be used to provide electricity, and in turn power devices.
Visual reference:
A flat LED panel is located behind each algae tank and mounted on the wall. Each LED panel is connected to a mini-computer that controls its brightness and independent from the algae tank;
there is no connection between both.
A display screen is mounted on the wall, close to the algae tank which features real-time crypto market trends. Light emission corresponds to the balance and the carbon capture prediction of
the installation.

3D designs: