For deTour festival (Hong Kong), we hope to continue Haiijaii’s performance with a new structure, using reclaimed local bamboo whilst incorporating Hong Kong’s famous neon lights. Ours however will be recycled from broken and discarded ones, where we will be upcycling them to create a light installation sculpture.
We will be feeding air pollution data through our ‘breathing’ sculpture’ and so the results will be a variation of pulsation according to the level of air pollution recorded in different cities from around the world. As the lights flicker, this breathing pattern should show the urgency that is the toxicity in air that we breathe as well as leaving questions about the permanent damage the pollution creates.
The audience will be encouraged to enter Haiijaii 2.0’s ‘atmosphere’ to explore the visual message our light sculpture is communicating, as they hang above their heads. The structure of Haiijaii 2.0 is based on the concept and form of a megaphone. Our light sculpture sits by the mouth of the instrument, amplifying the urgent message it carries encouraging the audience to be a part of change.
With Haiijaii 2.0, the team hopes to be part of the solution to global warming by joining the
conversation through the power of visual art. We use innovative technology and creative applications
to our curating strategy, creating a bridge for art and technology to collaborate together. Haiijaii
hopes to help strengthen the value of art and design whilst promoting a stronger community in the
fight for our planet’s survival.
We are reconstructing used and unwanted neons, and to give them a
new life in the terms of visual shape and purposes.
As an important scaffolding material in Hong Kong, bamboo is selected as the major material for
its high sustainability and wastefree quality even after the dismantle of our installation.