Creative Studio: The Collective
Creative and Art Director: Frederic Bussiere
Technical Director: Andy Stokes
The “Fish Swirl” is a permanent kinetic art installation welcoming the visitors to the luxurious sales hall for One East Coast. It operates as a 1:30 min immersive show where kinetic fishes, moving head lights and surrounding soundtrack mesmerize the audience.
The “Fish Swirl” is inspired by the fishing activity present in the surroundings of future property One East Coast. Springing from the ceiling, two schools of fish are meeting in the center of the Theater.
The overall composition generates a spiral made of two arms and radiates as a 360° piece. The installation carries the values of the Yin Yang and the vital balance between fish resources and fishing activity.
Each of the 34 fishes is made of an abstract transparent acrylic. Thanks to a kinetic system of 68 winches and surrounding moving lights, the installation performs a one-of-a-kind light show. Supported by a 5.1 soundtrack, the Fish Swirl shapes and reshapes itself above the audiences heads for an unforgettable moment.