"Disappearing Species" is an engaged interactive art installation, raising awareness about animal species being endangered and close to extinction.
While idle, this installation is a real-time 3D representation of the particles of matter forming all being on the planet: they are floating independently and generate mesmerizing patterns as an infinite ocean of stars.
Once a user interacts with the 3D simulation, via one of the hand sensors, the particles gather and shape one of the endangered species: orangutan, tiger, panda… The more the specie is endangered, the less its silhouette takes shape, alarming the user how close we are from its extinction.
This installation wishes to create a deep connection between the specie and the user and establish a long-term awareness about all the animals which are slowly disappearing.
Creative Studio: The Collective
Creative & technical director: Andy Stokes
Art direction: Frederic Bussiere
Interactive Designer : Frederic Bussiere (sensors) & Michael Sedbon (real-time particles)
For the opening day, we organized a live painting season with painter Akiko Satai, taking profit of our AV setup. The 360-rotation canvas was connected to the real-time 3D world via gyro sensor.